Fox urine squirt gun man off the hook

Wednesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Fox urine squirt gun man off the hook
The Willmar man who used a squirt gun filled with fox urine to attack trespassing teens has officially had all of his charges drops. The two remaining criminal charges have been dismissed because of insufficient probable cause. The man had attacked the teens with the fox urine after they threw eggs and toilet paper on his lawn for a homecoming prank.

Accused Craiglist murderer is a strange character
The trial of accused Craiglists murderer Michael Anderson is underway with some interesting testimony from his mother and others close to the case. His mother says she can't remember seeing Anderson cry and told how he came home after allegedly murdering the woman and nonchalantly asked her to wash his coat because he spilled fuel on it at work. The defense is claiming he lured the 24-year-old woman to his home for sex and accidentally shot her, but prosecutors plan to prove the murder was premeditated.

Metro Transit investigates hiring practices and policies after driver busted drunk
After a Metro Transit bus driver was arrested this weekend with blood-alcohol content of allegedly 0.24, six times the legal limit for commercial drivers, the commission formed an internal task force to investigate policies and hiring practices. On an ironic note, Metro Transit plans to honor their good drivers this morning at a ceremony.

Study of nun's brains continues at the U
After more than 20 years, a study that originated at the University of Minnesota has come back home. The U has been following a group of nuns who have chosen to donate their brians once they die for Alzheimer's research. There are currently 600 preserved brains on file and more women who will donate their brains once they pass away. The remaining participants are in their 90s or older.

Watch an interesting MPR video about the project (and see a human brain):

Window washer falls to his death at Bloomington office tower
A 20-year-old window washer was working with his brother when he fell about 30 feet to his death this weekend. His family says he fell head first onto cement planters below.

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