Fox Sports predicted Metrodome collapse and got exclusive footage

A hunch paid off for Fox Sports.

A hunch paid off for Fox Sports.

The amazing video of the Metrodome bubble groaning under the weight of Saturday's blizzard, and finally bursting and deflating, was the result of a hunch by Fox Sports, and an on-the-scene tip.


Fox lead NFL game producer Richie Zyontz tells USA Today his crews knew what they were looking for when they set up an inside camera pointing at the field. They were aware of the dome's failures in the past, and a local videotape operator heard from a friend on the maintenance crew Saturday evening that there were problems.

They set up the camera feed Saturday. When they showed up at the production truck Sunday, they saw they'd made a smart bet.

"We knew what we were looking for," Richie Zyontz. "This was specifically for the roof collapsing."

He was happy no one was hurt in the mayhem.

Here's that video again: