Fox News Cries "Censorship!" in Full-Page Strib Ad Over Battle with Dish Network

This is 100 percent about money

This is 100 percent about money

Your old, kinda racist grandpa may have noticed Fox News has been unavailable on Dish Network for the past three weeks.

That's because Dish Network decided to black out America's source of fair and balanced news until the two parties hammer out a new retransmission deal. With little progress made during that time, Fox decided to try to crank up the heat on Dish over the weekend.

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The network took out a full-page color ad in the Star Tribune Friday and ran a 30-second TV spot during football games on Saturday and Sunday claiming Dish is trying to censor where hardworking Americans get their news.

"DISH NETWORK IS CENSORING YOUR NEWS," the Strib ad blares from the back page of the A section.

"Don't let DISH control the news you watch. Ditch DISH Network!"


Fox claims Dish has already lost 90,000 subscribers from the blackout.

Multichannel News reports the dispute is likely centered on Fox trying to bundle another one of its channels -- believed to be FXX or Fox Sports 1 -- along with Fox News and Fox Business Network into the new deal.

If that's true, good for Dish. More entities standing up to cable TV's bundle scam, whether it be consumers or providers, will help expedite the bundle's demise.

Don't think for a second this dispute is about censorship; it's about money, and money only. But it should come as no surprise Fox played the censorship angle so strongly when the network's business model is explicitly designed to profit from fear and paranoia. They're nothing if not predictable.

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