Fox News asks: Is Lake Superior mystery object a 'ghost ship'? Or just giant Jesus? [VIDEO]

Does this look like Jesus to you? Maybe he's gained weight.

Does this look like Jesus to you? Maybe he's gained weight.

Headed to Lake Superior for the weekend?

Temperatures will still be pleasant. Duluth is booked for highs in the 60s all weekend; even Grand Marais should spend a lot of the next few days in the mid-50s.

So go on ahead, you thick-skinned Minnesotans, and enjoy a classic autumn weekend on Lake Superior. While you're there, gaze out on the water's vast expanse, be hypnotized by the waves rolling in from some unseen distance. Clear your mind. Prepare for the arrival of either a ship filled with angry ghosts or a 200-foot tall Jesus Christ. 

Just trust us on that last part. (Hmmm.) Or, anyway, trust some Michiganders. (Uhm.)

Trust Fox News? (Shit.)

Fox reports a Michigan-based band was recently filming a music video in the Superior port city of Marquette when they noticed a giant object, a mystery to them, seeming to float out amidst the lake's foggy cover.

Then, 20 minutes later, it disappeared.

The mystified videographer thinks it might've been a ghost ship: Superior is the site of some 6,000 shipwrecks, claiming some 30,000 souls. 

"Another theory from people who witnessed the abnormal activity," the Fox News report continues, "is that it was a divine sighting: Jesus Christ, walking across the water, carrying his staff."

Could also be that, yeah.

Jason Asselin, the man who captured the film, says whatever you believe -- vanishing lighthouse; ship manned by lost souls; Mega-Christ -- is cool with him, and calls it a "fun mystery."

At least until it (or He) arrives on the Minnesota side of Lake Superior this weekend. 

A fitting question for the weeks before a presidential election. That blurry object out there on the horizon: Is it the savior Himself? Or a haunted empty vessel come to snatch our very souls?