Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett said he'd been drinking vodka since 9 a.m. day of MSP arrest

Jarrett on the air (left); his mugshot (right).
Jarrett on the air (left); his mugshot (right).

Around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett had been served just one drink by a bartender at the MSP Airport's Northern Lights Grill when police were summoned to the scene to deal with him, according to a police report about his arrest. (Read the backstory here.)

A visibly intoxicated Jarrett wouldn't answer questions posed to him by an officer, who described him as "very unsteady while sitting at the bar, swaying back and forth while sitting, having to use the bar to support him from falling over."

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"Jarrett appeared to be in a 'fog' and had difficulty answering questions with more than one word; and when asked questions that required a longer answer, he would just turn away," the report continues. "Jarrett's unwillingness/inability to answer questions about how much he had to drink as well as any medications he may have taken with the alcohol caused me to be concerned for his welfare. Based on my experience, I felt that Jarrett would be unable to properly care for himself."

The officer placed Jarrett in custody "for a possible detox/crisis hold due to the reports received that he was mixing medications with alcohol."

Jarrett told the officer he had been drinking vodka since 9 a.m. that morning. A search revealed he had three Gabapentin pills in his jacket. Documents in his bag indicated he had just been released from an alcohol/chemical dependency treatment facility.

Jarrett was initially at least somewhat cooperative, but that changed when paramedics arrived at a holding cell to evaluate his medical condition.

From the police report:

While Fire began to evaluate Jarrett, he looked at me in the doorway and stated, "This is all of your fault". I asked what was, and Jarrett responded, "This is your fault". I told Jarrett that this was his fault he was where he was. Jarrett then became visibly agitated (angry, upset), his body became rigid and he leaned forward like he was going to jump up on his feet or launch himself off of the bench, and yelled "Fuck You" and stated "Fuck You" again. Jarrett stayed at an agitated level and in the posture like he was going to jump up at any moment. Jarrett was not listening to the firefighters who were asking him questions about his physical well-being and appeared to stay focused on the fact that he was being unjustly treated.

Jarrett was placed under arrest for obstructing the legal process/interfering with a peace officer, but not before he struggled with officers in the cell and was placed in an arm bar. He was charged with a misdemeanor offense, released from custody early yesterday after posting $300 bail, and is due back in court June 6.

As news of Jarrett's arrest circulated, Fox News released a statement saying he "is dealing with serious personal issues." No date for his return to TV has been set.

To read the police report for yourself, click to page two.


Jarrett Arrest

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