Fox 9 left out lead-up to Minneapolis protester's punches [VIDEO]

The white woman punched in downtown Minneapolis was not 'walking through' a crowd of protesters, but charging at them.

The white woman punched in downtown Minneapolis was not 'walking through' a crowd of protesters, but charging at them. New Hughes/Facebook

That one woman hit another in downtown Minneapolis might be the least important fact to know about the Minneapolis Police Department shooting of Thurman Blevins.

But since it happened, was caught on film, and has been spun off into its own separate story, we might as well see the "news" from the right angle. 

Literally. Fox 9's coverage of the incident—indeed, of the Tuesday evening protest itself—begins in the chaotic seconds of the physical confrontation between two women, one white and middle-aged, the other black and young. 

The white one is trying to take the green line light rail train home, presumably after a day's work. The black one is among a few hundred protesters blocking the train and other downtown traffic to draw attention to yet another unpunished police shooting of a black man. (On Monday, hours after the release of officer body cam tape in Blevins' death, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced he wouldn't charge the officers.) 

By the time three seconds have elapsed on Fox 9's video, the black woman has swung two punches at the white one. Other protesters intervene to separate them, and next we see the white woman talking, crying, as she's helped away by a Minneapolis cop.

In its online story about the protest, here's how Fox sets up the clip:

During the march, a woman saying, "I just want to go home" tried walking through a group of protesters, but then things got heated.

Yeah, no. Not quite.

In fact, this description, of a woman merely "walking through a group of protesters," is somehow wildly different from the description Fox 9's own correspondent Karen Scullin provided in her tweet about the moment. The "woman was in [the] blocked train came storming in2 center of what was a circle of protesters," Scullin wrote, using Twitter shorthand.

A new video posted to Facebook Wednesday shows this is a more accurate framing. Watch here as protest organizer Chauntyl Allen is speaking into a microphone while literally standing on the light rail track. 

The woman in the video enters from off-frame, interrupting Allen, and angrily pointing a finger in her face. Allen's response is to say, "Need you to—I'm gonna need you to—" but by then other protesters have closed ranks. 

Moments later, surrounded by people she apparently didn't predict would be so upset she'd single-handedly interrupted their protest, the woman angrily ripped the sign out of the hands of one young protester. The protester, in turn, took this sudden freeing of her hands as a chance to throw them toward this woman's face.

Angry White Woman


Posted by New Hughes Video Feed on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

There's room for some sympathy toward the confrontational woman. A Star Tribune caption of the moment in question says the light rail passenger was suffering a momentary "panic attack." 

No charges were filed. Several news stories have been. Context was either not available... or not desirable.