Fox 9 covers Tripp Emmer Facebook scandal

Last night, Fox9 repeatedly showed photos that City Pages ran last week of a beer-lubricated party involving Tripp Emmer, as well as a shot of him smiling over a passed out girl with penises drawn on her face and arms.

Then the news network asked: Is this newsworthy?

Anchor Jeff Passolt cast the segment as media criticism. Fox9 showed the campaign ad for Republican candidate for governor Tom Emmer that thrusts his son, Tripp, into the public eye. The audience was reminded that Tom Emmer has twice been arrested for drunken driving, and authored legislation that would have made life easier for those convicted of DWI.

Fox9 then asked whether the City Pages stories documenting Tripp Emmer's underage drinking and boorish behavior were fair game.

Absolutely not, heavens no, said Republican strategist Andy Brehm.

Maybe, said MinnPost media critic David Brauer.

"One thing you can say about the City Pages thing is that it's fact--they had an arrest and conviction record," Brauer said. "AP, the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press--they decided it wasn't newsworthy; they decided even though Tripp Emmer has been in Tom Emmer's campaign commercials and is a paid campaign staffer, that he's a 20-year-old kid, he's not the candidate and it doesn't really reflect on the important issues of the day."

But Fox9 thinks the story is newsworthy. So does Minnesota Public Radio and KARE-11.

And we still wonder how the mother of that passed out girl feels about her daughter being publicly shamed on Facebook by the son of the Republican candidate for Minnesota governor.

Continuing coverage:

Here's a video clip from last night.

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