Show on Fox 9 announces TV opportunity for tall white woman

Well, maybe not all of you.

Well, maybe not all of you.

UPDATE: Brock Dombrovski, producer of the "Minnesota Nice" show, contacted City Pages this morning to clarify a couple of things. First, the show is being produced by him, not Fox 9, though he says the show will indeed be airing on Fox 9. According to Dombrovski, Fox wasn't behind that casting call description, and neither is he. It was listed as a Fox 9 show; that descriptor has since been taken out of the Facebook post. Also since removed is the word "Caucasian," though Dombrovski says he thinks the show will still adhere to that casting notion, at least through the first season.  

SECOND UPDATE: The casting call as posted has subsequently been deleted altogether. Contacted by City Pages a second time, Dombrovski implied his relationship with the local network is still intact, but did have some big news about the makeup of the show. "Everything is good at Fox," he wrote in a text message. "We are recasting for a black co host, we are hoping Minnesota is ready for it, it is 2016." Dombrovski also said the Facebook post was taken down due to "overwhelming interest" in the audition, and said they were changing locations in light of the new expected turnout. Despite repeated requests for comment from the local Fox affiliate and the national office, no one has been available for comment on the story.

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Short minority women get all the breaks, so it's nice to see the local Fox affiliate going out of its way to create a path to success for a tall, attractive white woman. Fox 9, aka KMSP-TV, isn't just hiring a white lady. They want to put her on television.

(Gospel choir sings.) 

A new Fox 9 show called "Minnesota Nice" is hiring for a female co-host. The station, or its casting agency, will be reviewing eligible candidates in an open call at the downtown 222 Hennepin Apartment complex this evening. Just to weed out some less desirable candidates, the call, posted to Facebook, lays out the baseline requirements to qualify. 

That list includes the demand that the host be "Caucasian," "Female," (with a capital 'F'!) and "5'8 or taller." This white woman would be charged with "luxury product placement," the meaning of which is not really spelled out, though it's explained that the show will be written to "tailor to the products being showcased." So, picture the models who professionally admire stuff on "The Price is Right" — though maybe not, because some of them are not white. 

The description also notes that their co-host should be 21 to 39 years old with no visible tattoos. "Video or film background preferred," reads the ad. That's right: Experience in television is "preferred." Race and height required.

The particularity of the casting call didn't go unnoticed in the comments section on Facebook, where women asked why they, or others like them, would be disqualified from the gig. The show's Facebook account explained the height mandate by writing that the "male host is over 6'3."  

And the race thing? "That's what the current roll [sic] is casting for." 

Right then. It may not be such a big deal in the long run. Any student of modern media knows the story of the tall, hot white woman hired by a Chicago TV station who, through her personality, warmth, and sheer will, became Oprah Winfrey.

Anyway, this casting call is actually a sign of progress. At least Fox is open to brunettes.