Fornicating corpses spark controversy in Europe

About a month back, we wrote about an ostensibly education exhibit featuring preserved corpses making its unlikely debut in the Mall of America. "Bodies... The Exhibition" had elicited outcry for a number reason, the of which being the murky origins of the cadavers-- there's evidence that some were political prisoners from China who died behind bars.

Well, last week another exhibit opened up in Zurich, and this one is sparking controversy for a different reason. "Cycle of Life" depicts corpses in various sexual positions. Lawmakers in Germany are demanding the copulating cadavers be banned, leaving Gawker wondering aloud, "If everyone is dead, is that still necrophilia?"

A fair question. Our take: Puritanical hang-ups aside, there's nothing inherently dangerous about sexual positions. When you're already propping up skinless, potentially murdered human beings for all to see, the pose in which you fashion them seems rather moot. What say you?