Former Wisconsin teacher accused of sex with students at Stillwater home

Matthew R. Koenen
Matthew R. Koenen
WashCo Sheriff

Washington County prosecutors have accused a former western Wisconsin high school teacher of acting as a confidant for two 16-year-old students then luring them for sex into his Stillwater home.

Matthew R. Koenen, 36, taught history at Grantsburg High School until he was forced to resign last May after admitting to exchanging text messages "of a personal nature" with one of the girls, according to police.

The criminal complaint alleges that Koenen developed a relationship with these girls in person and kept up conversations outside of school through two cell phones and three email accounts -- hidden, of course, from his wife.

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We called Koenen's house to try to get his take on the charges. Someone picked up but apparently fumbled with the landline for several seconds. During that brief window, a woman was heard on the other end asking why reporters -- in the era of caller ID -- would expect anyone to pick up the phone.

Here's why:

The Strib notes that Koenen "had coached students at Grantsburg High School who were members of a National History Day group that traveled to Washington, D.C.," including one of the victims.

Koenen allegedly had sex with her three to four times before she ended the relationship in winter 2012. He maintained a sexual relationship with another student from May 2012 until May 2013, the complaint says.

Both girls were able to describe for investigators the interior of Koenen's home and the location of his condoms, the complaint says.

Stillwater police began investigating in June and executed a search warrant of his home in July that netted several laptops and cell phones, among other items.

Police believe at least two other girls have visited Koenen's home while his wife was away, but have not released any more details.

Koenan has been charged with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, and faces maximum penalties of 15 years and/or $30,000.

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