Former Vice President Walter Mondale backs Mark Andrew for Minneapolis mayor

The former Vice President in conversation with Andrew on Monday morning.
The former Vice President in conversation with Andrew on Monday morning.
courtesy Mark Andrew

Since he last held elected office, as vice president in 1980, Walter Mondale has stayed involved in local politics. So it comes as no surprise that on Monday, Mondale announced his endorsement in Minneapolis's mayoral race.

Also not surprising is his candidate of choice, Mark Andrew.

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Andrew has racked up a lengthy list of notable supporters for his campaign, but Mondale isn't just jumping on the bandwagon: The two men have known each other since Mondale supported Andrew in his first run for Hennepin County Commissioner, in 1982, and they worked together on Sen. Paul Wellstone's re-election campaign in 1996, when Andrew was chair of the DFL party.

"We first met with Vice President Mondale a few weeks ago, and he said, 'Mark, you're my guy,'" says Andrew campaign manager Joe Ellickson. "He's going to be advising Mark."

In the wake of the mid-June DFL convention, which ended without a party endorsement, Andrew's list of supporters has expanded rapidly to include four more groups and seven more public figures, including Mondale. The additions have bumped Andrew's endorsement tally far higher than those of the other mayoral wannabes.

To see how the rest of the candidates stack up, check out our endorsement scorecard.

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