Former Strib editor: Teamsters "bully" other unions at paper

A former Star Tribune editor now teaching at Arizona State University accuses the Teamsters of trying to "bully" other unions at the paper.

Tim McGuire, who now teaches "the business of journalism" out west, recalls the 1982 strike at the paper and claims that the Teamsters "boxed out" the Newspaper Guild during the walkout. 

The Guild thought it was their strike and it never was. The mailers and Teamsters decided when the strike was going to start, and they ended it. One of my favorite true stories of newspaper lore came when a veteran copy editor from the Guild walked up to a teamster or mailer leader (I can't remember which) and gave him 30 dimes and nickels. Get it? Thirty pieces of silver and all that.

For those who miss the reference, it's to Judas taking money for his treachery toward Jesus.

McGuire goes on to suggest the Teamsters won't play nice with management because their Central States Pension plan is in trouble and they want the Strib to foot the bill.

Many months ago, on the same day the Teamsters had voted down concessions, I happened to run into one of the drivers at Cuzzy's. I asked him why they wouldn't swallow the same cuts the other unions at the paper agreed to. He said they were being asked to bend over and take it, and they weren't doing that for nobody, not without a fight.

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