Former Minneapolis cop Timothy Carson indicted in bank heist

More bad news for Timothy Carson, the ex-Minnespolis cop who police say went on an armed robbery spree last month in Minneapolis and Apple Valley: A federal grand jury has indicted the 28-year-old with one count of armed bank robbery and one count of possessing a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence.

If he's convicted on those charges, he faces at least a couple of decades in prison. And that isn't all. In January he was charged in Hennepin County with five counts of aggravated robbery. Here are the places and people police say he robbed -- not exactly big-time heists:

  • Dec. 15, Hiawatha Cleaners, 4500 34th Ave. S. - $47
  • Dec. 31, a woman waiting for a bus on 28th Avenue S. - $300
  • Jan. 3: SuperAmerica, 4320 E. Lake St. - unknown amount
  • Jan. 3: SuperAmerica, 6000 Portland Ave. S - unknown amount
  • Jan. 4: Sovereign Grounds, 813 E. 48th St. - $65

The Rosemount man brought shock and dismay to Minneapolis police department when he was arrested. Some of the clothes he allegedly wore during the bank heist were later found in an MPD trash can.

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