Former GOP Supreme Court Candidate Sentenced to 30 Days House Arrest

Michelle MacDonald was sentenced to a month of house arrest yesterday

Michelle MacDonald was sentenced to a month of house arrest yesterday

Yesterday former GOP-endorsed state Supreme Court candidate Michelle MacDonald was sentenced to 30 days house arrest and two years probation after she was convicted of several charges stemming from an April 2013 traffic stop.

The sentencing may finally put an end to the surreal saga that pitted MacDonald against embarrassed factions of prominent state Republicans.

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The GOP-endorsed Supreme Court candidate -- the party later backed off the endorsement after charges against her were publicized -- was acquitted of a drunken driving charge in a trial last month but found guilty of obstructing the legal process and refusing a breath test. She says she plans to run for the state Supreme Court again and will seek the party's endorsement again.

Despite a string of bad press and lack of party support, MacDonald garnered nearly 47 percent of the vote in her race against incumbent David Lillehaug, astonishing political insiders.

"First I want to make it clear that I was not guilty of DUI," said MacDonald. "I absolutely plan to run again and absolutely plan to seek the GOP nomination...and I absolutely would have won if I had GOP support during the election."

MacDonald received automatic work release as part of her sentencing, meaning she will be able to work at her West St. Paul law firm during her month of house arrest.