Former Bachmann staffer joins Minnesota Democrats Exposed

​Political junkies of a certain stripe likely remember the good old days when Republican operative Michael Brodkorb was lobbing bombs from the Minnesota Democrats Exposed blog, drawing a (unsuccessful) lawsuit, slamming the reporters of The Minnesota Independent as employees of George Soros and generally laying waste the liberal side of the aisle's blogosphere. But Brodkorb's gone: The Republicans hired him as their state deputy chairman. And while MDE has carried on as a blog, Twitter has become the new battleground for political operatives. 

And there, it seems, Minnesota Democrats Exposed could use a kickstart. A quick glance at @mdetweets shows just 13 tweets in the 30 days of September. 

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the Twitter fence, uber-communicators like Dusty Trice are chewing on the furniture. What MDE produced in a month, Trice produced in the last 24 hours alone. 

Hellier, who worked as political director on Michele Bachmann's campaign, took up his MDE post on Sept. 29. Judging by his personal Twitter feed  -- he's as prolific as Trice -- he may have the stamina to keep the GOP fires burning hot in the social media sphere.

His sharpest words so far have been on the blog: "Tonight, Tax and Spend Liberal Senator Tarryl Clark is holding a fundraiser outside of the 6th District.  The fundraiser will be at Sweeney's Bar which sits squarely in the 4th District. I am sure this will be one of many fundraisers that Big City Liberal Tarryl Clark holds outside of the 6th.  MDE will post more information as it is received on all of Clark's out-of-district events."

Trice and other DFL-flavored folks welcomed Heiller to the fray, and promptly got in their shots.

"I wasn't really feeling those last two Brodkorb replacements," Trice said this morning of the two main contributors listed at MDE, Ryan Flynn and Aaron Cocking. (Flynn worked on the congressional campaigns of Phil Krinkie and Cheri Yecke, and Cocking was part of Norm Coleman's Senate campaign team.)

"How many people does it take to copy and paste a press release?" the former Franken staffer snarked.

Jeff Rosenberg, at MNPublius, also took aim: "MDE is now completely surreal." That linked back to this post: "Seriously? You're going to complain about Tarryl Clark holding a fundraiser outside the 6th district? Her opponent, Michele Bachmann, hasn't had a spare minute for her district or her constituents since she realized she could get attention in the national media," he blogged. "She spends every possible moment on cable news shows, and can only be bothered to interact with her constituents in the very rarest of circumstances."

This ain't for sissies, Trice said. "We take those 140 characters and use 'em like a sledgehammer."

Game on. 

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