Foreign exchange trips to Minnesota worse than you'd imagine

Monday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Foreign exchange trips to Minnesota worse than you'd imagine

As a student from outside the United States, you'd think Minnesota would be the last state you'd want to spend your year away from home. And then when you end up letting your host family borrow $1,000 to pay for food and their son's acting classes, things have just gone too far. One student's foreign exchange horror story has some lawmakers hoping to put more safeguards in place to protect visiting students.

Click it, fools

It's that time of year again where police are after those drivers who are still too naive to buckle up while in the car. The nationwide enforcement extends through Memorial Day and will focus on drivers not wearing their seat belts, especially at night. Many drivers killed in nighttime crashes aren't wearing seat belts.

U.S. journalist released from Iran not speaking to media yet

Roxana Saberi, the Fargo journalist and Concordia College graduate, is resting in Austria after spending four months in an Iranian prison. Officials say she has no plans to talk to reporters there as she is not yet ready to talk about the experience.

No arrests in shooting at roller rink Saturday

After a scuffle inside Coon Rapids's Cheap Skate roller rink Saturday night, a shooting outside left one person hospitalized in critical condition. Another victim was not seriously injured. Police have made no arrests in the case. In December, several fights broke out in a large crowd outside another roller rink in the Twin Cities. It's a roller rink, people! Just skate it out.

Case of Fong Lee's death goes to trial

The family of Fong Lee heads to trial this week to try and prove what they call a police cover up. They feel confident they have the evidence to prove Lee was wrongfully killed by police who then planted a gun at the scene to cover it up. The case could last three weeks with a jury deciding the final verdict.