Foreclosing Minneapolis: Man boarded into his house


If you thought home foreclosures couldn't get much worse, think again. One man in Minneapolis was one of countless people across the country kicked out of their homes due to foreclosure. But his story sets the bar pretty high for all-time lows in America's pathetic takeover of property.

Ted Poetsch, 53, still had one hour left before he was required to be out of his home. As he was gathering his final belongings and putting Kitty in her carrier, he could hear the crews outside preparing to board up his home.

By the time he made it to the door, he realized the ridiculous: he was boarded into his own house. And he stayed that way for two hours.

So much for feeling the slightest bit of dignity in your final moments in the only home you've known.

Read Poetsch's full story at the Star Tribune and watch the video too.