Forecast: Winter is going to be hell

Things are about to get pretty terrible around here.

A confluence of global weather patterns has perfectly aligned to make this winter a living hell by way of abnormally frigid temperatures, according to an updated forecast from Accuweather.

And that's abnormal even by Minnesota standards.

There is some good news. An earlier forecast said that Minneapolis would see the worst of the cold beginning in December. This week's update projects December will be slightly warmer. Warmer, of course, being a relative word.

But don't get your hopes up. That doesn't mean it's still not going to be a "brutal" few months.

"Minneapolis and Chicago lie in the heart of where the worst of winter is expected with above-normal snowfall and colder-than-normal conditions predicted," writes Meteorologist Meghan Evans in the update. "Cold blasts will be longer lasting from late December into January."

The biggest contributor to our forthcoming months of pain is something called "La Nina," which Accuweather defines as "a phenomenon that occurs when sea surface temperatures across the equatorial central and eastern Pacific are below normal." So apparently the outcome is something like this:

Forecast: Winter is going to be hell
Image from Accuweather.


We might as well get as much complaining as possible out of our systems now, because this is going to be a long one.

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