Ford Focus: Let your car babysit your teenagers

Thursday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Let your car babysit your teenagers

If you can't trust your teen to fasten their seat belt, drive at safe speeds and keep the radio at an acceptable level, maybe you shouldn't let them drive a car at all? Ford will roll out a 2010 Focus this summer with technology that allows parents to bug their children about common sense things that make safe drivers. This is the perfect car for overprotective or extremely lazy parents. If the car can nag, why bother doing it yourself?

Lawsuits against online gambling ban start rolling in

Minnesota is trying to ban online gambling and people are getting pretty pissed off. The Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association filed a lawsuit in Minneapolis federal court to stop the state from enforcing the law by telling 11 ISPs to block 200 online gambling sites.

Dakota County will now help residents live in constant fear of their surroundings

Now if a child disappears, a gangbanger is lurking in your backyard or you're about to die from a flood, Dakota County will let you know through a reverse 911 system that calls residents that could be in harm's way. Residents can receive a call on their landline or cell phone in addition to text messages or emails.

House with 8 kids targeted in early morning shooting

Police are looking for the person who fired shots with a high-powered rifle into a home with a mother and eight children around 1 a.m. this morning. Authorities say the shooting was intentional.

Judge drops most claims in Fong Lee's shooting death by police

The federal judge hearing the claims in the lawsuit filed by the family of Fong Lee dismissed most of the claims in the case. Lee's family alleged that the 19-year-old, who was fatally shot by a police officer in 2006, was unarmed and the police planted a gun at the scene to legitimize the shooting. The judge said the case didn't meet the legal standards required, but the suit specifically against the officer who shot Lee will still go forward.