For God's sake, just let Obama smoke

He's the leader of the free world, so let him get nice
He's the leader of the free world, so let him get nice

Over at MinnPost, Dr. Craig Bowron uses the occasion of Obama's recent nicotine relapse to remind readers that cigarettes can have dangerous consequences even for someone of his relatively young age:

So as long as Obama is still smoking, and our country's economy is in what experts now describe as "the toilet," let me offer one cost-cutting move: Pare down the president's Secret Service detail a bit and funnel some of the savings into buying smoking-cessation aids: gums, pills, patches, whatever.

What are his risks? At Obama's age (47), according to data from the National Vital Statistics System, from the National Center for Health Statistics at the CDC, cancer is the most common cause of death, followed by heart disease. Both of those have cigarette smoking as a major risk factor, which is why smoking remains the No. 1 cause of preventable death in this country.

You know what's a lot more dangerous to Obama's health than smoking? Being president! He's the leader of the free world, which is perhaps the most stressful occupation known to man.

As a very dumb man once said, "Being president is hard work." Except instead of clearing brush, this guy has to clean up eight years worth of ineptitude. If Obama wants to sneak a cig now and again, more power to him.

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