For Denny Hecker, Elvis has left the building

Elvis Presley, one for the money
Elvis Presley, one for the money

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building: Bankrupt auto magnate Denny Hecker's 6-foot-tall Elvis Presley statue is headed to TCF Bank as part of a $70,000 deal for the furnishings of Hecker's Crosslake vacation compound.

His jukebox and other playthings from what the Pioneer Press calls his toy box are also headed for the door. The bank is seeking to make good on a loan to Hecker that was used to remodel the Crosslake property.

His other toys -- Harleys, dirt bikes, ATVs and Caddy golf cart -- were auctioned off a while back.

It's just another day in $767 million bankruptcy hell for Hecker. And it's another way station on the road to an October trial in federal court where he stands accused of wire fraud and bankruptcy fraud. Each of the charges is worth 20 years behind bars.

Elvis. Prison. Somebody ought to write a song about that.

Oh, wait:

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