Flustered Thune walks out on health care argument with Franken

DFLer Al Franken didn't let his freshman status in the U.S. Senate get in the way of a pointed critique of South Dakota Sen. John Thune on Monday evening, during a sharp give-and-take over health care legislation.

"We are entitled to our own opinions. We're not entitled to our own facts," Franken told the fourth-highest ranking GOP senator.

Thune had hauled out a chart to help his assertion that tax increases related to the bill "start 18 days from now," while the benefits "don't start until 2014"

"Does the senator understand that spending benefits start right away?" Franken asked as Thune stood nearby.

"If the senator missed the point, I can get the chart out again," Thune replied.

"I asked a question, senator. I yield to you for a question. I'm asking a question," Franken shot back.

After some floor maneuvering to run out the clock on his own allocated time, Franken held the floor as Thune tried to make another point, The Politico reported. Thune walked away as Franken accused him of not wanting to hear "the facts," but returned later with Sen. John McCain to take on Franken again.

Hat tip to the Minnesota Independent for finding the video:

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