Flooding and collapsed roofs: What life is like in landlord Stephen Frenz's buildings


The landlord believes he being vilified by activists and reporters. A former tenant says otherwise. Bart Everson

Reader Tripp Fontain responds to Accused slumlord Stephen Frenz says advocates, reporters conspired against him:

Fuck this dude.

His company let my apartment flood despite days of warning my bathtub was backing up. The flood lead to hundreds of dollars in damages to my work gear and bedroom furniture, which they said would be deducted from my rent. Once I moved, however, they slapped me with a bill for the balance I never paid.

A friend of mine in the same building had his roof collapse on the top floor, and lived in that open air apartment not paying rent until the snow hit. When he moved, he too was slapped with a bill for the rent he never paid.

Roaches, basements filled with homeless crackheads, human piss and shit in storage spaces. Fuck this guy and fuck his company. 


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