Five Places Colder Than Minnesota Right Now

Hey, it could be worse

Hey, it could be worse

Hey, have you guys heard it's really frickin' cold out today? Ten bucks says that was the first topic of conversation when you got into work this morning.

Most Minnesotans accept that a bitterly cold January is just part of living here, but for those out there dreaming of July sun, pontoon cruises and backyard barbeques we're here to remind you that it could always be worse.

Here are five places colder than Minnesota right now:

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The famous Star Wars ice world would definitely be colder than Minnesota right now, and we don't have to deal with gigantic AT-AT Walkers and storm troopers on the way to work. Only potholes and black ice. Advantage Minnesota.


The Top of Mount Everest

Temps at the summit in January average around -35 degrees, with "off-the-charts" windchills of below -100 degrees. That makes spending a few minutes outside scraping the windshield feel like an afternoon in Cancun.

On Top of The Wall in Game of Thrones

Jon Snow laughs at Minnesotan winters. This dude is out patrolling a 700-foot tall wall made of ice without even putting a hat on.

The Wall is full of smelly, miserable dudes who can't get laid, so it's basically the same as any men's freshman dorm floor at the U of M, amirite?

Morgana's Ice Cave

Oh, don't act like you didn't watch The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea like 300 times growing up. Morgana's ice cave in the Antarctic is one of the more badass villainous lairs out there, and it's certainly much, much more frigid than even the northernmost reaches of Minnesota right now.


Daniel Tosh visited Duluth a couple years ago to do a few standup shows and he opened with a great bit that went something like this:

"Everyone here brags about how Minnesotans are so tough because it gets so cold. You guys do realize that there's an entire country directly above you right? Quit complaining."

A cursory glance at North American weather maps confirms that yes, most of Canada is indeed colder than Minnesota. Always remember: Everything is worse in Canada.

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