First U of M Humans vs. Zombies game starts tonight

This zombie is going for his MBA -- Master's of Brain Administration.

This zombie is going for his MBA -- Master's of Brain Administration.

Midterms are no longer the scariest thing going on at the U.

Tonight marks the kick-off of the first ever game of Humans vs. Zombies at the University of Minnesota. The game is being organized by the Minnesota Association for Zombie Enthusiasts, a student group, and already has 215 confirmed players.


The outbreak starts at 8 p.m. outside of Northrop Auditorium, when one player will succumb to an overwhelming hunger for braaaains, and start tagging the crap out of anyone in arm's reach (the first zombie's identity is a secret). Once players are tagged, they become zombies and -- rather than dowsing themselves in fake blood a la pub crawl -- must wear a red bandana on their heads.

Human players will be stalked for three days, until the game ends on Halloween at 10 p.m. They can fend off the living dead with socks and Nerf guns.

Sounds like big fun for players and big eye rolling for grad students.

The HvZ game, which was invented at Goucher, has been wildly successful at other campuses around the country, although at least one school in Colorado had trouble with an overzealous battle that disrupted classes and ultimately canceled the game.

So, just remember, the first rule of MvZ is: Don't be a d-bag.