First RNC raid lawsuit will be announced tomorrow

The first lawsuit stemming from the raids prior to the Republican National Convention will be officially announced tomorrow at St. Paul City Hall. Mike Whalen of St. Paul is seeking $250,000 in damages after law enforcement raided his duplex Aug. 30. Whalen's lawyers are claiming that the St. Paul Police Department came to the wrong address and detained dozens of people in the backyard. The raids have been heavily covered and criticized for the evidence found in the homes.

According to a release by his lawyer, Ted Dooley and TC IndyMedia report:

The raid turned into a tragic comedy of errors when the SPPD and assisting agencies - apparently targeting I-Witness Video - came with a warrant for the wrong address and detained dozens of people in the backyard, creating a storm in the independent press. Later authorities cited Arise! Bookstore in Minneapolis, imprisoned activist Sara Jane Olson, and alleged deliveries of weapons that turned out to be vegan outreach literature as reasons for the raid.

Read the full release here.

The announcement will take place on Friday at 3 p.m. at St. Paul City Hall. We expect this to be the first of many in the RNC backlash that will end up costing the city a hefty sum of cash. Take that urine and toss it.

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