First RNC protester files police brutality suit

And the lawsuits begin! A protester from the Republican National Convention says he will be filing a lawsuit against the police for injuries sustained during one of the rallies.

According to the Associated Press:

Attorneys for Mick Kelly plan to seek $250,000 in damages.

They contend Kelly was shot at close range and injured by police with a high-velocity marking projectile at a demonstration organized by the Anti-War Committee on Sept. 4, the last day of the convention.

Kelly was carrying the lead banner in the march to Xcel Energy Center.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has appointed former U.S. Attorney Tom Heffelfinger and former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy Luger to lead an independent review of law enforcement planning and tactics. Heffelfinger has said that the team wouldn't investigate allegations of police misconduct.

We can only imagine more in the months to come. We hope the city set aside a big stash of money in their budget to pay for all of this. Although this lawsuit seems reasonable, there will probably be some good ones for a chuckle.

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