Firefighter accused of setting porta-potty fire, planned crime for months

Not the actual fire, but pretty epic.

Not the actual fire, but pretty epic.

An Eagan firefighter and three of his buddies are accused of lighting a portable toilet on fire in Inver Grove Heights just for the hell of it. Who doesn't enjoy the smell of burning shit and urine cakes? The fumes are a real treat.

Firefighter Michael Vruno, 21, and his friend Thomas Schmidt, 20, are being charged with second degree arson and aiding and abetting second-degree arson for the Thursday night crime.

And as if the crime wasn't stupid enough, the men admitted they had planned it for months. Months? It took months to make a plan to spread toilet paper in the portable toilet, pour gasoline on it, and light it on fire? And in those months, no one decided this was a really dumb drunken idea that shouldn't have been thought up in the first place? Pathetic. No excuses, dudes.

More from WCCO:

Police were called to the area on reports of a portable toilet on fire. While in route, the officer passed a pickup truck driving at a high speed in the other direction. The officer turned around and pulled the vehicle over, according to reports.

The police officer noticed a gasoline can and several used and new fireworks in the bed of the truck. Schmidt was identified as the driver and Vruno, the passenger. When the officer asked if they knew why they were being pulled over, Schmidt replied, "I'm really sorry. I can't believe I did this." While Vruno asked, "What are you talking about?"

Both were arrested and taken to the Dakota County Jail.

Watch the WCCO video report here.