Fired KSTP intern pleads guilty to newsroom rampage


We mentioned this story last year when police charged a former KSTP intern with a batshit crazy rampage through the newsroom the day she was fired. In an industry just looking for any reason to get rid of you or never hire you, this intern's insanity won't get her very far.

Jennifer Anato-Mensah, 22, pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct for the incident where she chased an executive producer around the station and kicked out a window trying to get at her.

Anato-Mensah must pay $150 restitution, stay away from the TV station and stay out of trouble for the next year in order to have her plea discharged for the Oct. 13 attack.

From the original Pioneer Press report on the charges:

Several newsroom employees heard Anato-Mensah shouting, yelling obscenities and threatening Prenevost, saying, "You don't know where I'm from. I'll mess you up, b -----."

Prenevost attempted to walk away from Anato-Mensah, but the intern followed her. A male employee stepped between her and Prenevost, who went into a nearby conference room. The male employee tried to get Anato-Mensah to calm down and pack up her things, but Anato-Mensah left her desk and again tried to get to the conference room, the complaint said.

The defense attorney for Anato-Mensah said she "deeply regrets" her actions, which have caused embarrassment to her and her family.