Fired Chicago Lake Liquors workers create website soliciting donations

Fired from Chi-Lake, these five want your help so they can continue their struggle to get their jobs back.
Fired from Chi-Lake, these five want your help so they can continue their struggle to get their jobs back.

Earlier this month, five workers at Chicago Lake Liquors were fired days after petitioning management for higher wages.

THE BACKSTORY: Chicago Lake Liquors employees petition for raises; five fired two days later

They haven't given up their fight to get their jobs back. Last Saturday evening, they held a picket action outside the store, and they've also filed a wrongful termination claim with the National Labor Relations Board that they hope could result in their reinstatement. But in the meantime, they're broke.

The workers have created a WePay page soliciting donations that will be put toward their "basic needs." Here's how they explain their plight:

On April 1st, 5 workers were fired at Chicago-Lake Liquors, Minnesota's highest volume liquor store, for asking for better ages. Two days prior, they presented a petition to management asking for a $1 raise in the starting wage for an hour to $9 an hour, an across the board $1 raise, and a raise in the pay ceiling from $10.50 an hour to $13.

The five fired workers, Joe Giwoyna, Davis Ritsema, Max Specktor, Arella Vargas, and Hallie Wallace went public as members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and Food & Retail Workers United, an organizing committee of the IWW.

They have filed Unfair Labor Practices (ULPs) with the National Labor Relations Board and have been doing actions at Chicago Lake Liquors demanding they be rehired, that their wage demands be met, and that their bosses stop union busting.

Right now, they need your support and solidarity. Until their bosses rehire them or the Labor Board reinstates them, these workers are out of work. They need funds to meet their basic needs. They also need funds to continue to organize to put pressure on their boss. Please donate what you can and spread the word.

Solidarity Forever!

As of this morning, the page had generated $325 from 10 donors.

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