Fired and crazy KSTP intern gets sweet revenge


Kind of. Maybe she can attribute it to karma.

The crazy KSTP intern who was fired and proceeded to go on an angry rampage against other employees might have something to quietly celebrate today.

When Jennifer Nicole Anato-Mensah, 21, was fired Oct. 13, she started screaming threats at one of the top producers and kicked out the glass of a conference room door to attack her, according to the criminal complaint. The producer she was going after, producer Danielle Prenevost, got her own dismissal, according to MinnPost. She was one of several KSTP employees who have been laid off this week in major cuts to the station.

Anato-Mensah's story went viral, producing stories across the country of the intern who couldn't handle the truth.

KSTP tells MinnPost that the incident had nothing to do with her layoff.

More on the KSTP layoffs, from MinnPost:

There a few more recognizable names among KSTP-TV's layoffs -- chief among them sportscaster Anne Hutchinson. The writing was on the wall for Hutchinson a week ago, when her "High School Sports Wrap" was canceled for low revenues.