'Fire safe' cigarettes reach Minnesota


Just in time for Christmas stocking stuffers, 'fire safe' cigarettes are now available in Minnesota. The cigarettes comply with a new state law going into effect Dec. 1 that requires all cigarettes to be fire safe, according to KSTP.

More from KSTP:

The new law requires all cigarettes sold in our state to be 'fire safe,' meaning the cigarette self-extinguishes if left unattended too long. The most common fire-safe technology used by cigarette manufacturers is to wrap the cigarette in three thin bands of less porous paper that act as 'speed bumps' that make the burning of the tobacco slow down and eventually, go out.

Officials said unattended cigarettes are responsible for 25 percent of all fire deaths, making cigarettes the leading cause of home fire fatalities in the United States.

This is obviously a very important law that will save many lives. The unfortunate part? Smokers need the cigarette company to help them put out their cigarettes. Ah yes, make the company help you in case you fall asleep or pass out while smoking or leave it burning in an ash tray while you make a microwave meal. Seriously? They've already dumbed down cigarettes to the point of warning people that smoking will kill you and will harm your unborn child, but that's just not enough. Step-by-step addiction instructions now or what?

If you were planning on burning down your house by "forgetting your cigarette," you'll need a better cover up.

The joys of living in United States of Lawsuits.