"Fire Brad Childress" now has an online petition

Brad Childress: Around for the second half of the season?

Brad Childress: Around for the second half of the season?

Brett Favre's hurry-up offense saved the day for the Vikings in that 27-24 squeaker over the Cardinals on Sunday, but the "Fire Brad Childress" chorus is growing louder. There's now an online petition you sign, if you support such a thing.

Right now, there's 10,000 signatures calling for the coach's ouster. The goal is 100,000. And the page has more than 8,000 fans on Facebook.


The petition's creators say they want owner Zygi Wilf to dump Childress forthwith, "to restore pride and credibility to our NFL franchise."

The specific beefs:

1. Inability to win more games than he loses. 2. Inability to identify and develop talent. 3. Inability to adjust his scheme to his players. 4. Inability to hire and retain quality assistants. 5. Inability to win the hearts and minds of his players.

When Childress walked out onto the field at the Metrodome on Sunday, he was greeted by signs and chants calling for his ouster over the team's dismal 2-5 season.

"I think [the fans] came expecting to see an execution," Childress said at the end of the match. "And it ended up a pretty good football game at the end."

Not good enough for Wilf to offer the coach a few kinds words in the press, however.

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