Filmmakers Chris and Nick Libbey capture Minnesota's snow opera

"The winter… can be a destination in and of itself," says filmmaker Nick Libbey.

"The winter… can be a destination in and of itself," says filmmaker Nick Libbey.

Brothers Chris and Nick Libbey are self-employed. By day, the Minnesota natives make corporate videos. By night, they moonlight as documentary filmmakers.

Two weeks ago, the Libbeys "had kind of a slower week," according to Nick. With a snowstorm forecast, the duo decided to venture out into the elements.

"Initially when we went out the idea was to ask people about summer," says Nick. "It's kind of talked about, you know, as vindication for why we go through winter."

But the brothers soon realized they'd have to abandon their preconceived script. Instead of Minnesotans pushing back against Old Man Winter, they found many folks basking in the powdery symphony. The filmmakers got a chuckle from the woman using a pink umbrella as a defense mechanism. They were surprised by so many people who employed brooms to clear off their rides.

"In the midst of this horrible storm," says Nick, "so many people had smiles on their faces."

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Some of the footage was shot in downtown Minneapolis by the Central Library. Most of the interviews were conducted near the old Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul. One person was tracked down on Lake Minnetonka.

"The winter in the snow can be a destination in and of itself," Nick adds. "It ends up kind of being beautiful and kind of fun. The winter is so beautiful if you allow yourself to appreciate it and not consider it an obstacle."