Filesharing Brainerd mom (once again) tells RIAA to shove it


Jammie Thomas-Rasset, a Brainerd-area mother of four accused of illegally downloading 24 pop songs on her laptop, has once again rejected a settlement from plaintiff the Recording Industry Association of America.

A jury during the initial trial in 2007 hit Thomas-Rasset with a $212,000 fine for downloading songs from Green Day, Godsmack, Richard Marx, among others. The ruling was nullified because of botched jury instructions. The second trial resulted in a much steeper penalty--$1.92 million--but a judge last week ruled that that figure was "simply shocking," and knocked it down to $54,000.

The RIAA offered to settle for $25,000, a sum that would be donated to "an appropriate charity benefiting musicians." Thomas-Rasset today rejected the offer.

"Jammie is standing on principle here, and will not accede to payment demands that the RIAA is making thru an unconstitutional statutory scheme (that they lobbied for the creation of) and we will ride this train to it's appellate end no matter how many future remittiturs are rejected," her lawyer Joe Sibley wrote in an e-mail to Copyright & Campaigns.

The RIAA isn't backing down.

"It is a shame that Ms. Thomas-Rasset continues to deny any responsibility for her actions rather than accept a reasonable settlement offer and put this case behind her," an RIAA spokesperson told C&C. "Given this, we will begin preparing for a new trial."