"Fifty Shades of Grey" most popular book in Hennepin libraries, banned in Fond du Lac

Forbes calls it "Mommy Porn," citing the controversial book's erotic scenes and perceived demographic -- largely married women over 30.

Yet according to the New York Times, E.L. James's Fifty Shades of Grey is "the most popular book in circulation" in the Hennepin County Public Library system. Meanwhile, in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, the library refused to order copies, saying the book did not meet the standards of the community.

Wel,l at least people are still interested in reading, right?

The Times says Fifty Shades has "more holds than anyone can remember on a single title" in Hennepin County:- 2,121 as of last Friday, up from 942 on April 9. Assuming you want to read it before Christmas, you're probably best off just going out any buying the paperback, those of you who made requests recently.

Published last June, Fifty Shades traces a deepening relationship between a recent female college graduate and a young business magnate. The plot features numerous explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of BDSM.

The book's story line of female submission has sparked controversy, notably in Wisconsin.
The book's story line of female submission has sparked controversy, notably in Wisconsin.

The book's erotica has made it a subject of controversy, but publisher Vintage Books, a part of the Random House family, says it "fervently opposes literary censorship and supports the First Amendment rights of readers to make their own reading choices."

That argument hasn't convinced Ken Hall, the library director in Fond du Lac. Hall told the Times he'd rather spend precious funds on books that have literary of artistic value, implying that Fifty Shades has none.

Hall said he's been hounded by insults from hungry Fifty Shades fans since his library publicly announced it wouldn't stock the book, but added he's also heard from a number of residents urging him not to back down.

John Bertin, executive director of the National Coalition Against Censorship, said that since Fifty Shades is clearly a book targeted toward adults, the fact that libraries like the one in Fond du Lac are making a stink about it is particularly absurd.

"The vast majority of cases that we deal with have to do with removing books to keep kids from seeing them," Bertin said. "That's what makes this so egregious."

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