Feuding North St. Paul Politicians: Settle Your Beef with a Game of Dodgeball

We'd like to see more politicians work out their differences this way

We'd like to see more politicians work out their differences this way

Erich Mische thinks a few games of dodgeball could help smooth over the feud between North St. Paul Mayor Mike Kuehn and Councilman Scott Thorsen.

Mische, who serves as executive director of the St. Paul nonprofit Spare Key, had a brilliant idea after he heard about the two politicians walking out of a recent meeting and nearly fighting each other. Why don't they come play dodgeball at Spare Key's upcoming fundraiser and work out their aggression in a healthier environment?

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"When I first saw this story it seemed to me that there are a lot better ways to solve disputes than punching each other out or suing each other," he says.

Spare Key helps families with seriously ill children stay afloat while their kid is in the hospital. It's working with the National Dodgeball League to raise money at Dodge for a Cause March 21 at the St. Paul Armory.

Mische emailed invitations to both men. Thorsen declined, twice, and Kuehn didn't respond. When contacted for this story, Thorsen said he made a donation to Spare Key, but playing dodgeball is "not something I feel comfortable doing with the mayor given his hostility towards me."

Kuehn didn't respond to a request for comment.

"This was an invitation for both of these guys to take a breath, and give them an opportunity to have a little fun and restore some credibility with their constituents," said Mische.

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