Fergus Falls vandalized by dyslexic tagger

Last week Fergus Falls endured a rash of graffiti. The message: "Fuck Fergus Falls Police Nigya." On three different occasions taggers spray-painted anti-cop messages in the town of 14,000, 175 miles west of the Twin Cities. City streets have been hit twice, while a third message was sprayed on a railroad bridge.

Sgt. Jeff Hohrman, of the Fergus Falls Police Department, says that graffiti aimed at the cops is a new phenomenon in the town. "We've dealt with some tagging and stuff in the past, but it's not a real rampant problem," he says.

According to Hohrman, no suspects have been identified. The police believe all three messages were left by the same tagger. The offensive remarks have been painted over by city workers.

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