Fergus Falls dog survives attempted throat slashing

There are cat people and there are dog people. And then there are people who slit the throats of dogs and leave them in the middle of nowhere to die.

Star, a German Sheperd-mix, unfortunately had a recent run-in with that last one.

Star stumbled into a Fergus Falls yard earlier this week with severe cut wounds to her neck. The Otter Tail County Humane Society determined someone had cut the dog's throat.

The dog was presumably left for dead, but survived in the rural wilderness for about a week.

Ericka Stoltenberg, manager of the humane society, told the Fergus Falls Daily Journal it was the most horrific case she's seen in her time working at the shelter.

But now Star needs surgery. The humane society is accepting donations to put toward an operation that would get the dog back to normal. The Journal has details on how to donate.

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