Feminist graffiti in south Minneapolis: Men are 'jealous of our orgasms'


A special kind of graffiti has been hitting south Minneapolis lately, tagging bridge overpasses with a message rarely seen in spray paint.

Usually it's some guy's gang sign. Maybe there's an animal, or some sort of demon, or some dumb message that's thinner than the block letters used to write it. Often enough, it's just the name of the dude who sprayed it onto a wall.

But this painter — or these painters; in theory, there could be two — is bringing a vastly different vibe to the streets with an artform usually associated with macho nonsense. Minneapolis resident Stacey Burns caught wind of the artwork from a friend's tip, and raced to photograph it over this past weekend, trying to capture it before it got washed away. 

Here's the message currently broadcast to drivers crossing over the Penn Avenue overpass of Highway 62 in Richfield.


So, yeah, sort of an in-your-face message. Given its abrasive nature — and, we suppose, profanity — you can imagine why Burns wanted a photo before "the patriarchy washed [it] away." 


Here's the other tag Burns documented. This one adorns the Lyndale Avenue Bridge running over Minnehaha Creek. Like the other, it's for adults only. Unlike that one, it's also pretty funny.


Ok, so the artist adds an extra 'a' in the word "afraid," but the point's still pretty well made. Especially when you take in the underlining of the world "jealous." 

Aggressive (and profane) as it is, "Fuck the patriarchy" is actually a fairly common sentiment in the modern era. There are internet memes with the same branding; here it is sewn in some needlepoint stitching.

But the notion that some part of men's issue with women stems from fear and orgasm envy is a new one: A Google search suggests this line is an original to the author/artist/criminal. 

Like Burns, you'd better hurry if you want to see these tags in person, before the city makes them disappear... if it hasn't already.  Messages like these, vulgar and provocative, don't last long.

Except in your mind. Once they're tagged there, you might never get rid of them.