'Feminism' means a 'lack of respect', says GOP Rep. Tim Miller

Tim Miller's list of ills includes racism, slavery, drug addiction, and feminism. Dammit, Tim! You were doing so well until that last one.

Tim Miller's list of ills includes racism, slavery, drug addiction, and feminism. Dammit, Tim! You were doing so well until that last one. Glen Stubbe, Star Tribune

Making a list? 

Do not ask for help from Rep. Tim Miller, R-Prinsburg.

Trust us. You'll get five items into the inventory you' ll need for the office Christmas party, when suddenly Miller will start lobbing inappropriate non-sequiturs. 

"15,000 pounds of cement!" Miller will shout, or: "Extra doorknobs!"

And you will shake your head, and go on with what you were doing, knowing never to ask Tim Miller's assistance in list-making again.

We learned of this deficiency in a Facebook post the second-term legislator published Wednesday morning. As first noticed on the Bluestem Prairie blog, Miller was ostensibly sharing a New York article which asks, "Is America headed for a new kind of civil war?"

Miller's mind is made up: As he said at a "Celebrate Trump" rally this past spring, "We are entering a time of civil war." Miller, formerly a "legal specialist" for the Army Reserve, expanded on this dim view of America's future in his Facebook post. 

"My words were misquoted and misused by people who don't know me," Miller writes. Then, inexplicably, he adds: "But I stand by what I said."

So, Miller didn't say what you think he said, but he did say something, and he regrets nothing. Got it?

Miller blames our "turbulent times" on "politicians and activists playing off ... fear and distrust." (You mean like the ones who talk about "civil war," Tim?) Then comes the truly interesting passage of Miller's Facebook post.

Watch for the highlighted word:

"I tie all of this back to a complete disrespect of all lives. We as a society have lost our belief that ALL are created equal and are endowed with certain and unalienable rights, among them, life (that’s right all life comes from God), liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This most certainly shows up in abortion and a new favorite of humanists, euthanasia. But it is also showing up as human trafficking (modern day slavery), pornography, racism, feminism, drug abuse, and I’m sure much more."

That's a bad list! The most interesting phrase here might be the part about "so much more." Tim Miller's admitting this is not a comprehensive list of the evils of the world. It's just the first, most evil things that come to mind. And they include slavery, racism, addiction... and feminism.

Now seems like a good time to point out Tim Miller wants to serve in Congress: He's running against DFL U.S. Rep. Collin Peterson, one of the last remaining "blue dog" Democrats, in one of the most competitive districts in America.

Politicians, Miller's own colleagues included, are dropping left and right for their mistreatment of women. Does now seem like the right time to compare "the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes" to slavery and racism?

We hope the reporters covering that race challenge Miller on the obvious hypocrisy in his stances on issues. Miller claims to be against this "new favorite of humanists, euthanasia."

And yet! In his very next breath, he's clearly trying to carry out the assisted suicide of his campaign.