Female Wisconsin prison staffers caught on tape performing sex acts on male inmate [MUGSHOTS]

From left to right, Herrera, Hawkins, and Barrios.
From left to right, Herrera, Hawkins, and Barrios.

Two female workers at the Racine Correctional Institution have been charged with second-degree sexual assault by correctional staff after they were allegedly caught on tape performing sex acts on a male inmate.

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According to an AP report, Karina Herrera, 40, and Lisa Hawkins, 33, are accused of having "consensual sex" with Mario Barrios. Barrios, 39, was convicted of first-degree reckless homicide in 1995.

According to a Hispanic News Network report, Herrera allegedly gave Barrios a cell phone last year in exchange for sex. The smoking gun evidence came from an SD card found in Barrios's cell during a search. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explains:

According to a criminal complaint, Herrera in 2012 gave the inmate a cellphone and nude photos of herself while she was working in the state prison's Health Services Unit. The inmate tried to hide the cellphone from guards, per Herrera's request, the complaint says. He gave the phone to another inmate and tried to flush the memory cards down the toilet but could not do so...

The memory cards contained images of Herrera and Hawkins performing sex acts on the inmate, the complaint says. The inmate admitted the phone was used to record sexual contact he had with Herrera and Hawkins, who were working for Guardian Health Care and providing health care services to inmates at the prison.

Hawkins told investigators the woman on the video wasn't her, but authorities were able to confirm her identity partly "based on the image" in the videos, the Journal Sentinel reports. According to the AP, Hawkins plans to plead not guilty.

The day the videos get played in court will surely be an, ahem, interesting one for journos covering the trial.

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