Female Strib reporter goes to woman-starved northwestern NoDak, hilarity ensues

Northwestern NoDak: Lots of jobs, lots of money, lots of dudes, and not enough ladies to go around.
Northwestern NoDak: Lots of jobs, lots of money, lots of dudes, and not enough ladies to go around.

Yesterday, The Awl published a story by the Star Tribune's Maya Rao about her trip to the sausage fest otherwise known as Williston, North Dakota.

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Williston is located in oil-rich northwestern North Dakota, a region so starved of women that one entrepreneurial spirit tried last year to organize a party that would've involved shipping in ladies from the Twin Cities, Chicago, and other urban areas in hopes oil workers could somehow convince them to stick around. So as you'd expect, the 20-something-year-old Rao proved to be quite popular during her short visit.

For some context, consider that the first words the youngish male acquaintance Rao was visiting said to her upon her arrival were, "You should see what I'm hitting on." He explained that the night prior, he was flirting with a 53-year-old woman who punched him in the face at the end of a drunken conversation. And to think, single guys around the Twin Cities complain about Sneaky Pete's!

Rao's acquaintance, Ben Harp, then took Rao to Applebee's for dinner.

"That's the hotspot," he said. "It's got the cutest chicks in town. The food's terrible, and the service sucks, but... there's no other place to go."

Rao herself apparently ended up getting asked out by just about every male she interviewed. From her piece:

One guy from Alaska, stopping in Williston from Minot, boasted to me at [a local strip club named] Whispers that he had bedded three girls since moving to North Dakota nine months earlier.

"Hey foxy!" he texted me later. "Matt here, come visit me." Minot and its outlet malls were not sufficiently tempting.

Another man I interviewed later called and called. When I finally picked up, he said it was just nice to meet me, and he asked how I was doing.

"HELLO HOW YOU DOING TODAY," he texted me later.

At third guy messaged me after I left town to say he would come visit. I told him he was too old. "Lol I'm 50 but fun lol," he texted.

Rao reports that the average annual income in the county surrounding Williston is $77,000, about twice as much as the average for NoDak as a whole. But after reading her story, a single guy can't help but wonder whether a move there wouldn't ultimately be a bad idea even if you made twice as much.

You can check out Rao's entire piece about "The Oil Boom's Amazing Bachelor Boom" here.

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