Felix Pedraza arrested for fatal shooting of Francisco Hernandez at Halloween Party


Felix Pedraza is the lead suspect in a case of a weekend party that resulted in the fatal shooting of 21-year-old father of three Francisco Hernandez.

Minneapolis police were called to a south Minneapolis apartment complex, where they found a man, later identified as Hernandez, suffering from gunshot wounds. First responders attempted to resuscitate Hernandez, but he was declared dead at the scene by EMS.

Cops soon arrested Pedraza, who had left the scene and was himself bearing stab wounds from the incident. Inside the apartment-turned-murder-scene, police found more than 10 adults and several children, who had apparently been attending a party at the time of the deadly altercation.

Hernandez was shot inside an apartment complex on the 3000 block of Pillsbury Avenue South, with police responding to the shooting call around 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning. Because of a language barrier, police weren't able to immediately determine the lead-up to the stabbing and shooting.

WCCO reports that Hernandez had three children under the age of four, though family members say none of his own children were there for their father's violent death.

Hernandez's step-mom Nicole Carrigan told WCCO that Hernandez was hanging out at a friend's house, a place where he'd been before, on the night he was shot and killed.

"All I was told is that there was a struggle, and that he was shot and killed after that," Corrigan told WCCO.

Pedraza was treated for non-life threatening stabbing injuries, and was taken to HCMC for treatment.

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