Feeling gassy?

Lawmakers are back at it in St. Paul and they've got taxes on the brain--the gas variety. The transportation bill DFLers are pushing calls for the first gas tax increase in two decades. The state take--which would be used to invest in transportation infrastructure--would go from 20 to 22 cents a gallon, and then, sometime this year, to 25 cents a gallon. How would we rank with bordering states?

We'd still be paying out less than the good people of Wisconsin. According to the latest figures from the American Petroleum Institute, drivers there pay the state 30.9 cents on every gallon. But we'd be paying more than our other neighbors: Iowa's gas tax is 20.7, cents, South Dakota takes 22 cents, and the Dakota above them takes 23 cents.

Washington drivers pay the highest state gas tax, at 36 cents on the gallon. Alaska is the lowest, at eight cents.

Looking for a break at the pump? You're in luck, just follow this map:

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