Feds want to know if Petters will plead insanity


Looks like the feds want to know if Tom Petters will claim insanity as a defense in the 20 charges of fraud against him as part of an alleged $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme bilking investors.

In a court document filed earlier this week, U.S. Attorney Frank J. Magill respectfully asks the court to make Petters's attorney show documents that would let on whether Petters plans to plead crazy.

Petters pleaded not guilty to the charges against him earlier this week. Several of his high-level cronies have already admitted their guilt.

Could the mastermind behind an alleged multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme really be crazy? Maybe.

But we think that if the charges against him are found to be true, then any Petters craziness could only be the Kevin-Spacey-Keyzer-Sose kind of crazy in the 1995 film The Usual Suspects -- crazy smart.