Federal courthouse shut down over "white powder"

A worker at the federal courthouse in St. Paul was opening mail yesterday when suddenly, the employee noticed white powder on his or her hands (we don't know the employee's identity). Uh-oh! Time to call the FBI and shut down the court.

Special Agent Ralph S. Boelter of the Minneapolis FBI announced via news release that the FBI is investigating to find out the source of the powder. Tests found "no toxicity" in the white powder, U.S. District Judge Donovan Frank told the PiPress.

Eight to 10 employees in the clerk of the court division were evacuated and the public was kept out, according to the PiPress. Three employees were taken to Regions Hospital as a precaution. However, everything was cleared by 6 p.m. and apparently court wasn't disrupted. The courthouse is open for business as usual today.

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