Federal bailout for bicycles?


Wait a sec... money for riding your bike? This can't be true. Can it? Well, according to the super fine print we mentioned in a previous post, it is. The Feds are giving out a $20 dollar tax credit per month to anyone who rides their bike to work.

And to get a full explanation of how it works, our local public radio empire did a wonderful job explaining the finer points of the bill. Steven John, the intrepid reporter with two first names, says the bill went into effect at the start of the year. But he also says the tax credit goes to the company... which means it's up to them to decide if they want to pass the cash on down to their workers.

For the full story, click here. John interviews Steve Clark, another man with two first names, who works at Transit for Livable Communities, a local non-profit.

During the interview Clark mentions the different ways companies can use the tax credit. For example, they can use the money for showers, lockers or other bike-related facilities. Or they can use it to buy their employees bike helmets, bike locks or any other bike related accouterments. But the companies only get credit for the months their employees bike to work, making it hard to collect the sums during the months of January, when like today, it is freaking --18 outside with a wind-chill of minus Wasilla.

Towards the end of the interview, Clark gives a shout-out to cyclists, saying that often the best workers are bike commuters.

Hey, boss... You hearin' that?