Federal agents find at-risk Mauer shirt-wearing boy shown in mysterious web video

Following an "extraordinary plea" for help finding an unknown boy in what was described as a dangerous situation, federal agents said today they have found and identified the teenage boy shown in images from a mysterious web video as well as another child that law enforcement is referring to as a victim, reports the Star Tribune.

On June 19, ICE in the Twin Cities released photos of the teen and said that he was living in either Minnesota or western Wisconsin or was recently in the area.

"We believe there's an adult involved in all of this," ICE spokesperson Shawn Neudauer told CNN when issuing the plea. "If we can identify the young person involved, we suspect that we'll be able to remove a couple of young people from a dangerous environment and also, perhaps, identify an adult."

At this time, authorities are saying nothing further about the case than that these children have been located and identified because of "the ages of the individuals involved and the sensitive nature of the ongoing investigation."

State-level charges in Wisconsin are expected in connection with this case, according to Neudauer, implying that the boy was indeed located east of the St. Croix.

-- Federal agents issue "extraordinary" plea for help finding at-risk boy wearing Joe Mauer shirt [PHOTOS]

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