Fed up with potholes? Fill them yourself

Well that's probably not the best idea we've suggested, but some Chicago residents are taking street repair into their own hands.

Residents on one block of Chicago's Austin neighborhood were so fed up with their treacherous street of potholes that they picked up their own equipment and started filling the gaps on their own.

Community service or just a bad idea?

Watch the video report:
Just like Minneapolis, Chicago has a yearly problem of keeping pothole problems to a minimum. The city representative in Chicago notes that they only received one complaint call for that block in the last two months regarding potholes and they fill many potholes based on the number of complaints filed.

They also say that do-it-yourself pothole fixes aren't the best idea. Standing out in the street can be dangerous in itself and they say the amateur fixes probably won't last as long as those done by the pros.

So while we'd love to give you a step-by-step pothole fixing guide, it's probably best to give the city some grief for those car-wrecking holes. Send your complaint to the right agency by checking out our previous post with contact information.